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About Precion - Quality machine shop / complete procurement solutions for CNC machining parts

PRECION, a procurement solutions provider, employs a global network in the purchase and delivery of CNC machining parts, metal stampings and small industrial parts on behalf of customers in the key manufacturing and production sectors.

We at PRECION take pride in our ability to provide high-quality products from select manufacturers whose reputations are in turn based on excellence of technology and precise quality control. Moreover, we're proud of the fact that we can make that kind of quality affordable to our customers.

We can provide any quantity required from individual pieces, small lots, prototype development to large mass produced, precision engineered lots.


The global marketplace, having reached its maturity phase, now finds itself in a period of intense competition. Times have indeed changed, to the extent that today's business must fight heated price wars in order to survive. Parts for example, can be purchased at low prices in Central / Latin America and Asia. But those parts may present critical concerns with regard to lead-time, quality, import procedures and other issues.

Critical parts that have a direct effect on human life must be produced under strict control. Quality is always an issue where precision manufacturing is required and often a switch in manufacturers can lead to inferior workmanship creating delays in scheduling and assembly.

PRECION can address and solve these specific issues.



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