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PRECION works to ensure that the products you require are made with precision and delivered in the shortest time possible.

You’ll never have to accept something that isn’t entirely to your specifications.
At PRESION we will be involved in your production scheme from the earliest stage of design to the final completion of the project.

We can design your parts based upon a sample, engineering blueprints, or specifications.

Through our involvement in the design process we analyze your product from different perspectives. As a result we can find the most economical methods for individual part design achieving cost reductions for the finished products and aiding in reduced quality issues. Further, we'll propose ideas designed to achieve higher production efficiency and lower costs.

Environmental impact is another area that benefits from our involvement. For example, we can consult with you on changes in surface treatment (e.g. plating) and materials, and potentially reduce the overall impact your production will have on the environment.

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